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The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation


Colin Powell’s Address to the United Nations




Absolute PowerPoint
Transcript of Buzz Broadcast Monday 17 March 2003 with Richard Aedy

PowerPoint is one of Microsoft's most successful products - it's used to make presentations all over the world and in every industry sector. But are we becoming too reliant on the software at the expense of our communication skills?”



Absolute Powerpoint: Can a software package edit our thoughts
by Ian Parker

“Before there were presentations, there were conversations, which were a little like presentations but used fewer bullet points, and no one had to dim the lights.”


Are We Wasting $250 Million per Day Due to Bad PowerPoint?
By Dave Paradi

“Too many presenters think that just by using the PowerPoint tool, they don’t need to properly plan their presentation. Any tool is useful only if it is used properly. Here are four specific reasons that we don’t like most of the presentations we see.”


Avoiding PowerPointlessness.

The New Curriculum

“…without clear guidance PowerPoint can be misused. Even with the clearest guidance, students still become sidetracked by its bells and whistles to the detriment of their project's substance. But such distractions can be minimized if teachers follow some basic principles when assigning work in PowerPoint.”


Bad PowerPoint Presentations

Randall Walds

“I, with my aforementioned experience, could create a much more appalling PowerPoint presentation. This presentation could make one's eyes water with just the first 5 slides. Fortunately for you, dear reader, we will not do this. I will just go point-by-point through how we could, if we wanted to, design the worst PowerPoint Presentation ever.”


Ban It Now! Friends Don't Let Friends Use PowerPoint

By Thomas Stewart

“PowerPoint is very rare at CEO conferences. Like Supreme Court justices, captains of industry like to see a speaker think, not watch him read.”


Giving Effective PowerPoint Presentations

By Susan Ward

“You should be concerned only with one thing when presenting to an audience, be it internal or external. That is "Has the audience come away from this with information that was in-line with the original point of the presentation?" If people leave your PowerPoint presentation armed with confusion and wonder, your presentation has failed.”


Instructional Considerations for Using Presentation Software

University of Pittsburgh Faculty Development Services

“Incorporating instructional technology applications such as PowerPoint into a course is a process that requires planning. The following instructional considerations will enhance the effectiveness of your presentations.”


Is PowerPoint the devil?

Julia Keller

“PowerPoint may be an easier, spiffier way to present information, but is it a better way? As the software spreads into more schools, as an increasing number of teachers employ it in their lectures and require students to use it in their class presentations, certain questions hover persistently just to one side of the glowing screen: Is PowerPoint changing not only the way we do business and educate our young, but also the way we think?”


TEACHER ADVISORY: It's The Story, Stupid. Don't Let Presentation Software Keep You From Getting Your Story Across

By Doc Searls

“To quote the (PowerPoint) manual, ‘To create presentations, you write and design slides.’ Wrong. Presentations are as much about slides as poetry is about handwriting. Again, David Ogilvy: ‘What you say is more important than how you say it.’”


Multimedia Design Considerations

Jack Treuhaft, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology
Multimedia software packages are usually loaded with features. You can choose among severalc hundred colors, dozens of fonts, a wide variety of color-coordinated templates, multiple transitions, and many other dazzling options. Good design, however, dictates that you carefully select what is needed from this cornucopia of choices. In other words, just because its there, it doesn't mean you should use it. So what should you consider when designing a multimedia presentation?”


PowerPoint effective, but often misused

Joyce Kasman Valenza | tech.life@school

“Can we inject any magic bullets into students' multimedia efforts? Allow me to present some insights I have gathered over multiple years of multimedia”


PowerPoint, Not PowerPointless!

Teacher Created Materials: Using Presentation Software in Your Classroom

“Next, [students] spent many hours creating a PowerPoint presentation. Conversations I overheard as students worked together went like this:

"What color should we make the title screen?"
"Should we fly these words from the right or left?"
"What about the background music?"
"Let's add a transition here that will make the picture push off to the left."

Each PowerPoint project that I saw had a few things in common:

  1. They all looked the same.
  2. They were all a mere rehashing of the facts.
  3. They didn't require much thought.
  4. They all had more special effects than a Star Wars movie.
  5. Students weren't sure what made a "quality" project. “


PowerPoint Presentations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Steven H. Kaminski

“But PowerPoint is not synonymous with presenting or teaching, with visual aids or even with a computer projector. An effective presenter must be familiar with, as Aristotle put it 2500 years ago, ‘all the available means of persuasion.’ (Rhetoric,  1355b, 25)”



Kent School District, Washington

“PowerPoint is a wonderful presentation tool that is easy-to-learn and fun to use. However, it is important to think about how it is being used in your classroom to ensure that your students' presentations are not "PowerPointless’…. Read on below for more ideas and thoughts to help your lessons become more authentic, interesting, and allow your students to reach higher levels of thinking.”



Michael Landrum

“The tendency in presentations lately has been to pull out all the technological stops and let PowerPoint carry the ball. Mundane Humanity has receded further and further into the dark background.”


PowerPointless Presentations

Office of Arts & Sciences Information Services, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“PowerPoint is merely a tool. The presentation’s author determines how effective or ineffective the presentation is. Following some basic strategies can greatly improve your presentation -- and prevent your show from being ‘PowerPointless’.”


Scoring Power Points

By Jamie McKenzie

“Multimedia presentations may be compelling and persuasive. Or they may be glib and disappointing. In the worst case, students will devote more attention to special effects than they will spend on the issues being studied. Powerpointing can become a goal in itself - an unfortunate example of technology being done for technology's own sake. In the best case, the presentation enhances and communicates a larger and deeper body of work and thought.”



Multimedia Mania 2001 Rubric


Scoring Guide for Student Products



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