Waukesha School District Environmental Education


Grade 5

Fifth grade students develop an understanding of the impact that water has upon the human and natural environment and vise versa.

Standards: E.E.-A8.1, A8.2, A8.4, A8.5, B4.7, C8.1 SCI.- C8.2, C8.3, C8.4, C8.6, E8.3 S.S.- B8.9 L.A.- B8.1, C8.2 MATH- A8.1, B8.1, B8.2, B8.3, B8.5, B8.7, D8.2, D8.4

Program: What's a Watershed? Where is my water going? Learn about wetlands, comparing similarities and differences between marsh and river environments. Part of large water unit study, following water from the clouds to the sink. The all day field study portion of this program takes place in the Fox River Sanctuary

Water Experiences

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