Horning Middle School


Who you gonna call?

Given the influx of new staff and stuff, we're hoping this chart will help you in knowing where to turn with technology-related questions, concerns, needs...




Equipment sign-up

  • PC lab
  • Mobile labs

Use sign-up form available from
Leon Hernandez
ext 3350

  • Digital cameras & AV equipment
  • SMART Board
  • LMC lab

Sign up through Naomi Stewart
ext 3309

Technical support questions

  • Printer's not working
  • Can't log on to the network
  • Recurring error messages

Leon Hernandez ext 3350


  • Ink jet cartridges
  • Supplies for departmental purchases

Use department $ and purchase order form located in teacher handbook

  • Supplies for shared school equipment, e.g. SMART board, mobile lab

Leon Hernandez ext 3350

  • Floppy disks for students (to use with digital camera or to save work to take home)

Student supply list OR teachers purchase with student reimbursement

Integrade Pro how-to

  • Taking attendance
  • Setting up gradebook
Heidi Erstad

Randy Kinzel ext 3401

Krista Krauter ext 3352

Hardware & software how-to

  • How to use MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • How to use email
  • How to use Inspiration
  • How to use the SMART Board
Heidi Erstad

Leon Hernandez ext 3350

Classroom Technology Integration

  • Research strategies
  • Co-planning
  • Web resources
  • Integration ideas
  • Information literacy
Heidi Erstad

Naomi Stewart ext 3309


  • Co-teaching / Demonstration lessons
  • Assessment
  • Action Research
Heidi Erstad

Leon Hernandez
ext 3350

Computer aide

Monday - Friday

7:15 - 2:45

Heidi Erstad

Technology Resource Teacher


Mondays and Fridays available

7:15 - ???!!!

Contact me!

Naomi Stewart ext 3309

Library Media Specialist

Monday - Friday

7:00 - 3:00