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Charles Z. Horwitz

Located in the Retzer Nature Center




All General Admissions - $4

Reservations for large groups appreciated:
Waukesha County Department of
Park and Land Use,
Parks System Division
(262) 548-7801

Waukesha County's Retzer Nature Center

All public programs begin with a brief tour of the current evening sky.  
This includes, visible planets, finding directions, locating the moon,
and identifying some favorite seasonal constellations.

Public  Planetarium Shows


All shows $4.00 per person
Unless otherwise noted.

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Blue star

April    1,   8,   29

11:00 am

“The Sky Tonight”

Reach up and paint the sky blue, make a rainbow,
sing a song about space and clap to the music under the stars.
In this classic space adventure, children are introduced to Joe Star,
Marsha Moon and Mike Meteor and experience the magic of sky in the planetarium.

Space dreams

April    1,   8,   29

1:00 pm

“Space Dreams”

Questions about the great unknown mysteries of space have inspired searches for fact,
as well as dreams of fiction and fantasy. This show looks back at early science
fiction then vividly displays our incredible dreams of the future.


April 22

“Earth Day”

Programs each half-hour

9:30 am – 3:30 pm

“A Total Eclipse Experience”

On August 21, 2017 observers in the continental United States will have a
chance to view a total eclipse of the sun. 
Find out how eclipses occur, how cultures have reacted in the past
and learn safe ways to view this spectacular event.

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Old telescope

May    6,   13,   20,   27

11:00 am

“Two Small Pieces of Glass”

This program celebrates 400 years since Galileo first pointed his telescope at the sky. 
Don’t miss this fascinating look at the incredible contributions to astronomy made
by Galileo and the world’s greatest telescopes.


May    6,   13,   20,   27

1:00 pm

“Aurora – the Magic of Northern Lights”

One of the most spectacular natural sky events is the aurora borealis
or “northern lights.” This show explores the science behind these
beautiful and mysterious dancing lights. 

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No Public Programs Scheduled at this time for June, July or August, 2017