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Charles Z. Horwitz

Located in the Retzer Nature Center




All General Admissions - $4

Reservations for large groups appreciated:
Waukesha County Department of
Park and Land Use,
Parks System Division
(262) 548-7801

Waukesha County's Retzer Nature Center

All public programs begin with a brief tour of the current evening sky.  
This includes, visible planets, finding directions, locating the moon,
and identifying some favorite seasonal constellations.

Public  Planetarium Shows


Here are this fall's shows
2015/2016 season

3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Children’s Public


Time Bandits
11:00 am

Many of our methods of timekeeping are based on the motions of the sun, moon and earth.
This fascinating show describes the astronomical reasons for modern-day timekeeping.
It also presents many of the world’s wonderful and elaborate mechanical clocks and how they work.


General Public

1:00 pm

Many stars

Hubble Space Telescope

Images from the Hubble Space Telescope have revolutionized the way modern-day astronomers view the universe.  These images from  space are strange and beautiful.  Don't miss the story of the life and technology of the Hubble Space Telescope.


October 16
Special Event!


Show:  3-2-1 Blastoff

A magical video game turns real and takes the audience on a journey past the sun, moon
 and planets in our solar system.  Join us as we see the Earth from space, land on the surface of Mars,
 and even fly through the rings of Saturn. 
At the end of the show, we return everyone safely back to Earth.
Great for all ages.

 Every hour
6:30 - 9 pm

October 24
Special Event!
 Waukesha Reads


“The Explorers”
2:30 pm
(Great for all ages)

In this program, audiences travel to the Islands of Hawaii as well as to the
Polynesian Islands to learn how early ocean travelers navigated by the stars.
Famous stories from long ago, told by native Hawaiians, are also featured
in this absolutely wonderful sea and sky adventure!


Children with
Waukesha Reads Coupon


Star divider

7, 14, 21, 28

Children’s Public
 11:00 am

Blue star

The Sky Tonight

Reach up and paint the sky blue, make a rainbow,
sing and clap to the music as we all meet Joe Star,
Marsha Moon, and Mike Meteor in this participatory sky
and space experience.


Public Show
1:00 pm

Space Aliens

Join our “experts”- Hopeful and Skeptical
as they try to convince each other
whether or not life exists beyond the earth.
Follow their astrobiology arguments from the
ocean floor to a journey across the galaxy.


Star divider


Children’s Public
11:00 am

fancy star

Winter Wonders

This children's holiday program takes the audience around
the world to explore the most fascinating traditions
and celebrations of Christmas, and the “winter solstice.”


General Public
1:00 pm


The Season of Light

This beautiful holiday season show investigates the most interesting
and beautiful winter solstice celebrations from all over the world. 
The show also takes us back 2000 years to offer possible
explanations for the mysterious “Christmas Star.”