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Charles Z. Horwitz

Located in the Retzer Nature Center




All General Admissions - $4

Reservations for large groups appreciated:
Waukesha County Department of
Park and Land Use,
Parks System Division
(262) 548-7801

Waukesha County's Retzer Nature Center

All public programs begin with a brief tour of the current evening sky.  
This includes, visible planets, finding directions, locating the moon,
and identifying some favorite seasonal constellations.

Public  Planetarium Shows


Here are this fall's shows
2015/2016 season

Star divider

7, 14, 21, 28

Children’s Public
 11:00 am

Blue star

The Sky Tonight

Reach up and paint the sky blue, make a rainbow,
sing and clap to the music as we all meet Joe Star,
Marsha Moon, and Mike Meteor in this participatory sky
and space experience.


Public Show
1:00 pm

Space Aliens

Join our “experts”- Hopeful and Skeptical
as they try to convince each other
whether or not life exists beyond the earth.
Follow their astrobiology arguments from the
ocean floor to a journey across the galaxy.


Star divider


Children’s Public
11:00 am

star of wonder

Winter Wonders

This children's holiday program takes the audience around
the world to explore the most fascinating traditions
and celebrations of Christmas, and the “winter solstice.”


General Public
1:00 pm


The Season of Light

This beautiful holiday season show investigates the most interesting
and beautiful winter solstice celebrations from all over the world. 
The show also takes us back 2000 years to offer possible
explanations for the mysterious “Christmas Star.”


2016 Shows!


9, 16, 23, 30


Children’s Public
11:00 am

A Solar System Adventure Tour

You won’t believe how fun learning about the planets can
be when you step aboard the “Star Traveler”
spaceship on your interactive journey past the sun and planets in our solar system.

Admission:  $4


 General Public
1:00 pm

The Endless Horizon

This program, narrated by Patrick Stewart,
begins with the fascinating history of early world explorers. 
It then relates these voyages to today’s space explorers

Admission:  $4


 Waukesha JanBoree

January 17th

Every 30 min.  9 – 4:00

Space Dreams

Questions about the unknown mysteries of space have inspired searches for fact,
as well as dreams of fiction and fantasy.
This show looks back at early science fiction then vividly displays our incredible dreams of the future




cardboard rocket

February 6th

Wild Winter Night

Shows every 30 mins.  6:30  to  9:00

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

This delightful children’s fantasy takes the audience on a
voyage past the sun, moon and planets.

Children make a refrigerator box into a cardboard rocket.
Their pretend blast-off turns into a real solar system journey.

February Saturday Shows

13, 20, 27

mr Rogers

Children's Show

11:00 am

The Skies Over Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

This program uses the scenes and show characters

from the famous television show “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” 

to introduce your young students to the wonders of the day and  night sky.

Admission:  $4


General Public Show

1:00 pm


This show celebrates 400 years of telescope sky viewing.

It also examines the fascinating life and accomplishments of Galileo.

Don’t miss it!

Admission:  $4



5,  12,  19


Children’s Public
11:00 am

Our Place in Space
This award-winning, participatory children’s planetarium show
introduces jungle animals and a space crossword puzzle to unravel
the wonders and the mysteries of the universe.

Admission:  $4

General Public
1:00 pm

Saturn, Jewel of the Heavens

The Cassini mission to Saturn has given us amazing images from this awesome planet. 
This show highlights the Cassini spacecraft instruments to give us an understanding
of the mission’s incredible scientific achievements.

Admission:  $4


March Laser Light Shows

Admission:  $4

MarchTimeSkylase Show  (Laser show)
15th - Tue7:00 pmPink Floyd
8:00 pm Led Zeppelin

16th - Wed7:00 pmThe Beatles
8:00 pmClassic Rock and Roll

17th - Thu7:00 pmMagic (music)
8:00 pmPop

18th - Fri7:00 pmPink Floyd
8:00 pmLed Zeppelin

19th - Sat
10:00 am Laser show
Perseus and Andromeda
11:00 amNon laser show
Regular children's show - Our Place in Space
1:00 pmNon laser show
Regular public shows - Saturn, Jewel of the Heavens
2:00 pmLaser show
Legends of Orion


2, 9, 16, 30

solar system

Children’s Public

11:00 am

Honey, I Shrunk the Solar System
(All Ages)  This show takes you on an incredible
journey past the planets in our solar system.  Don’t miss it!

Admission:  $4


General Public
1:00 pm

The First Stargazers

Ancient astronomers gazed at the heavens with fascination.
They built pyramids and massive structures, like Stonehenge,
to mark the movements of the sun, moon and planets.
Join us as scientists unravel the mysteries of these
ancient astronomical observatories.

Admission: $4


Earth Day

April 23

Every 30 min. 9:30 – 4:00

Nine Planets and Counting

See the most current images of the Sun, Moon and Planets
in our Solar System. 
Find out why Pluto is now called a “Dwarf Planet”.
This very beautiful show investigates the composition of
our neighbors in space.


7, 14, 21,  28


Children’s Public
11:00 am

Starship Earth
This fast-paced astronomy presentation uses spectacular visuals to
answer questions about our home planet Earth.
Views of Earth from space, reasons for the seasons,
and earth’s place in the universe are explored.  

Admission: $4


1:00 pm

Summer Sky Legends
This fast-paced astronomy presentation uses spectacular visuals to answer questions about our home planet Earth.  Views of Earth from space, reasons for the seasons, and earth’s place in the universe are explored. 

Admission:  $4 


4, 11

internation space station

Children’s Public
11:00 am

Explorers of International Space Station

This program shows science research being done on
the International Space Station.
Communication, medical technology and life aboard the space
station are just some of the topics in this spectacular visual presentation.

Admission:  $4


General Public
1:00 pm

Hotter Than Blue 

  Scientists point out that the hottest stars in space are the blue stars.
But there are objects in space that are even hotter than the hottest stars.
These are the strange high-energy emitting objects known as quasars.
Don’t miss this study of quasars, neutron stars and black holes.

Admission:  $4