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Charles Z. Horwitz

Located in the Retzer Nature Center




All General Admissions - $4

Reservations for large groups appreciated:
Waukesha County Department of
Park and Land Use,
Parks System Division
(262) 548-7801

Waukesha County's Retzer Nature Center

All public programs begin with a brief tour of the current evening sky.  
This includes, visible planets, finding directions, locating the moon,
and identifying some favorite seasonal constellations.

Public  Planetarium Shows


2016 Fall / Winter Shows!

September 2016 – February 2017

All shows $4.00 per person
Unless otherwised noted.

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15th Only  (9:30 am)
Waukesha Reads

“Follow the Drinking Gourd”


Learn how following the pointer stars
of the Big Dipper to the north Star (Polaris)
helped runaway slaves find their way north
along the Underground Railroad.

1,  8,  15,  22,  29

star yellow smilely face

11:00 am
Children's Program

 “Wish Upon a Star”

A little girl and her parents enjoy a night camping out under the stars.
Together, they explore the stars, moon, planets and meteors (shooting stars).

black hole

1:00 pm
General Public
 “Black Holes and Quasars”

Some of the most fascinating astronomy theories are those which involve
the explosive deaths of massive stars.
This program explores the strangest objects in the universe,
white dwarfs, neutron stars, quasars and black holes.

October 14

Programs each half-hour
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Park event admission applies


“The Mysteries of Starship Earth”

This fast-paced astronomy presentation uses spectacular
visuals to answer questions about our home planet Earth.
Views of Earth from space, reasons for the seasons,
and earth’s place in the universe are explored.

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5,  12,  19

milky way

11:00 am
Children's Program
 “Our Place in Space”

This award-winning, participatory children’s planetarium show,
introduces jungle animals and a space crossword puzzle to
explore the wonders of the universe.  A family classic!


1:00 pm
General public
 “The Extraterrestrial Files”

Is there life in outer space? If so,
what would these creatures look like?
These questions and many more will be explored
in this fascinating search for ET’s.

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3,   10,   17

rocket blast off

11:00 am
Childsen's Show
“3-2-1 Blastoff”

This children’s space adventure transforms a video game
into an exciting tour of the solar system.
Join us as we fly past the sun,
land on the planets and fly through the rings of
Saturn before returning safely back to earth.


1:00 pm
General Public
“Tis the Season”

Was the “Christmas Star” really a star?
Was it a bright planet, a comet or a meteor?
This program takes the audience back 2000 years to
investigate the true date for the birth of Christ.
It then explores possible explanations
for the “STAR” seen and described by the “Wisemen.”


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7,   14,   21,   28

card board rocket

11:00 am
Children Show
“Secret of the Cardboard Rocket”

This space fantasy takes the audience on a voyage past the sun,
moon and planets.  Children make a refrigerator box into a cardboard rocket.
Their pretend blast-off turns into a realistic solar system journey.             

foot steps on moon

1:00 pm
General Public
“Footsteps – A Race to the Moon”

This program begins by highlighting some of the ancient legends about the moon.
It then features the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo NASA space programs
leading up to the flight of Apollo 11, the first landing on the moon.


January 22
“Waukesha Jan Boree”

Programs each half-hour:
9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Park event admission applies

“The First Stargazers”

This program shows how ancient stargazers marked reindeer
bones to track the cycle of the moon.
Find out how scientists investigate the mysterious
alignments of the pyramids.
Travel with us to Stonehenge and other giant astronomical sites,
to explore the incredible structures, made by the first stargazers. 

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February 4
“Wild Winter Night”


Programs each half-hour:
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Park event admission applies

“Winter Sky Legends”

Look up into the winter sky and imagine stories of long ago.
This program introduces the audience to constellation
characters in the winter sky, such as,
“Orion the Hunter,” “Taurus, the Bull,” and “Gemini, the Twins.”
Watch each of these wonderful characters come
alive to tell their fantastic adventures.

mr rogers


11,   18,   25

11:00 am
Children's Show
“The Skies over Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”

This program uses the scenes and show characters
from the famous television show “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”
to introduce our young students to the wonders of the day and night sky.


1:00 pm
General Public
“Rainbows in Space - Cosmic Colors”

Relax and enjoy how colors display their personalities.
See how scientists use the vast wavelengths of the
electromagnetic spectrum to study the mysteries in deep space.