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Charles Z. Horwitz

Located in the Retzer Nature Center




All General Admissions - $4

Reservations for large groups appreciated:
Waukesha County Department of
Park and Land Use,
Parks System Division
(262) 548-7801

Waukesha County's Retzer Nature Center

All public programs begin with a brief tour of the current evening sky.  
This includes, visible planets, finding directions, locating the moon,
and identifying some favorite seasonal constellations.

Public  Planetarium Shows

Nine planets

Children’s Show
March    1,   8,   15,   22,  29
11:00 am

“A Solar System Adventure Tour”
(Great for all ages)

You won’t believe how fun learning about the planets can be when you step
aboard the “Star Traveler” spaceship on your interactive
journey past the sun and planets in our solar system. 

Black Holes

General Public
March   1,   8,   15,   22,   29
1:00 pm

“Black Holes-Point of No Return”

Some of the most fascinating astronomy theories are those which
involve the explosive deaths of massive stars.
This program explores the strangest objects in the universe,
white dwarfs, neutron stars, quasars and black holes.



Yellow Star

Children’s Show

April    5,   12,   19
11:00 am

     “Wish upon a Star"
(Great for all ages)

A little girl and her parents begin to talk about the fun of looking at the sky.
Later, they head outside to enjoy a night of sky-watching.
During the evening, they explore the stars, moon, planets and shooting stars.

General Public
April  5,   12,   19
1:00 pm

“The Skies over Waukesha”

This program looks back at 100 years of the fascinating history of Waukesha. 
It also presents the development of airplanes
and space travel over the same 100 year time span.  A classic!
April   26     “Earth Day”    Programs each hour (9-4)


Earth Day
April 26
Programs 1/2 hour each
9  -  4
“Honey, I Shrunk the Solar System”

This solar system exploration show takes the audience on an imaginary
bike ride past the sun, moon and planets. 
Students help answer space questions along the way. 



Children’s Show
May    3,   10,   17,   24,   31
11:00 am

     “Nine Planets and Counting”
(Great for all ages)

See the most current images of the Sun, Moon and Planets in our Solar System.
Find out why Pluto is now called a “Dwarf Planet”.
This very beautiful show investigates the formation and the composition of our neighbors in space. 

Strange Planet

General Public
May   3,   10,   17,   24,  31
1:00 pm
“The Extraterrestrial Files”

Is there life in outer space? If so, what would these creatures look like?
These questions and many more will be explored in this fascinating search for ET’s.


June, July, August

There are no public programs scheduled for the summer months,
however the planetarium is available by appointment for groups of ten or more.
Please call (262) 896-8423 to arrange a program.